Experiential Learning Institute Program

The Career & Experiential Learning offices are pleased to announce a partnership with the Institute for Experiential Learning (IFEL). Beginning in September, IFEL will offer a 6-week virtual program exposing faculty and instructional staff to a research-based, intentionally developed approach to designing effective experiential learning activities that can transform the classroom environment and benefit students. Experiential learning activities such as research with a faculty member, service and community-based learning, internships, problem-based learning, etc. contribute to persistence and graduation rates for students. Additionally, Jayhawks Rising, KU’s new strategic plan includes elements of experiential learning, such as undergraduate research and community-based learning.

What will you get from the Experiential Learning Institute will? 

  • You will create a plan tailored to your discipline and teaching styles to incorporate experiential learning into your course, curriculum, or program. The plan will include learning outcomes, structure, experiential learning elements, and assessment tools.  

  • You will gain insight into your approach to learning, how you learn from experience, and the role you prefer to take in helping others learn by completing the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile and the Educator Role Profile.  

  • You will receive the support of an intellectual community with common goals and interests.  

  • You will practice the use of a process model and develop shared language for formal and/or informal experiential learning activities that will allow you to easily create new or modify existing experiential learning activities. 

  • You will access and leverage additional support from the Office of Academic Programs & Experiential Learning (APEL) as you begin implementing experiential learning content and activities.  

  • You will generate artifacts that you can also use to represent your teaching for annual or P&T evaluation. The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is available to assist you with documenting teaching innovations developed in this program. 

  • You will engage and motivate your students through experiential learning activities that allow them to develop their skills and knowledge. 

What will you do at the Experiential Learning Institute? 

  1. Participate in six weekly virtual discussions held from 3-4p (CST) every Monday from September 13 - October 18. 

  1. Complete 1-2 hours of independent work outside of these discussions each week of the six weeks, beginning September 13th. This includes preparation for group discussions, reading assigned text, writing reflections, completing assignments, and/or meeting with a peer coaching group 

  1. Voluntarily attend one individual consultation with IFEL staff prior to the program’s start. 

  1. Complete two assessments that will provide insight into your teaching and learning styles 

  1. Share your work with your department and the broader KU Community. 


Any faculty or instructional staff member from the Lawrence or Edwards campuses are eligible to apply. More than one person from a department or unit can participate. 


Application review will begin on Friday, August 20. Please complete the following application form

About the Institute for Experiential Learning (IFEL

IFEL seeks to make the Experiential Learning process explicit, building awareness of individuals’ preferences for using it, and applying the principles intentionally as educators who work together and design and deliver programs that support each student’s unique learning and development. IFEL programs are rooted in the theories and frameworks developed by David A. Kolb. 

For more information contact Millinda Fowles at mfowles@ku.edu