Royal blue italic text reads "Why KU Experiential Learning?" . To the right , are outlines of overlapping light blue and golden yellow speech bubbles. Centered at the bottom of the slide, text reads in marina blue, "KU students share how experiential learning has enhanced their education”.

Ananda Bhatia interview

"Hi, my name is Ananda Bhatia and I participated in the Service Learning Certificate and the Global Awareness Program certificate. The Service Learning Certificate really helped me to decide both what I wanted to do in my involvement at KU and kind of the direction I wanted my life to go afterward. I got to travel across the country to volunteer with Alt Breaks and participated in volunteering locally in the community as well as take a class on non-profits. And all of those together helped me decide that I think I want to work with non-profits in the future and really help serve community and my country later on. And the Global Awareness Program allowed me to work with more international students on campus, to study abroad over the summer, and to help students in the English as a second language program at Lawrence High School. And through doing that, as incredible and large of a community KU is, the GAP program really helped me to see how much bigger the world really is and how much more there is to learn and explore."

Lamisa Chowdhury interview

"I’m Lamisa Chowdhury and I received the sustainability certificate through KU. And for me, that gave me a hands on experience that I otherwise wouldn’t have by just going to classes and taking tests. It allowed me to see what goes on behind the scenes, after you get your degree and what all you would actually have do to create a sustainable society. It starts with the community, it starts with one person, it starts with every person. And I was really lucky to be able to read forums and articles telling me like you would have to go from person to person asking them how they would want a sustainable community and try to implement that in our policies. And I feel like it gave me a better understanding of what I want to do after I graduate, especially being an environmental studies major—it was really, really broad and I got to narrow it down to what I want to do after I graduate and that was so awesome. I was scared; I did not know what I wanted to do. And now I understand I want to work with policy. I want to make every community a sustainable community and I know where that starts now."

Hugh Ebb interview

"My name is Hugh Ebb and I am a recipient of the Career Advancement Program Certificate. CAP has helped me enhance my experience at KU by really just giving me concrete steps to move toward my career. It’s easy to have all these kinds of ideals in your head of what you want to do and where you want to go with your life. But taking those concrete steps and having guidance to do the right things at the right times and knowing that you have a program like CAP in your corner is something that really helped me out a lot."

Megan Fox interview

"Hey, my name is Megan Fox and I am a receipt of the Research Experience Program Certificate. If I could pick any one thing outside of my classes that has really enhanced my KU experience, it would be the REP program. I wouldn’t have talked to the professors that I’ve talked to, gained the public speaking skills that I have, or have learned the things that I’ve learned without that program. It has been a very rewarding experience and one that I would absolutely repeat."

Hannah Gilgus interview

"Hi, my name is Hannah Gilgus and I am almost done with the Sustainability Certificate here at KU. This is my second semester working towards it and I think throughout the two semesters with classes and the internship that I am a part of, I have just broadened my sense of what sustainability means. I think before the certificate, I thought it was all about being green and eco-friendly, but to have a sustainable society, I think is way more important that just having a sustainable lifestyle. The society makes the lifestyle."

Kristen Manion interview

"Hi, my name is Kristen Manion and I am a senior in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I’ve received two certificates since I have been here at KU. The first is the Service Learning Certificate and the second is the undergraduate Research Experience Certificate. Both of these certificates have greatly enhanced my experience here at KU. First of all, I am involved with a service learning organization on campus called Alternative Breaks and that’s how I received my service learning certificate. Being involved in the philanthropy and the volunteerism with that organization, has allowed me to branch out and network with people in the community and all across the country. And my undergraduate research experience connected me and gave me the skills that I’ll be able to use and apply towards grad school when it comes to scientific communication and writing."

Sanjay Pashar interview

"Hi, I’m Sanjay Pashar and the KU global Awareness Program has helped improve my KU experience by allowing me to kind of broaden my learning at KU outside of the classroom, in fact, outside of Kansas. I think it’s let me kind of explore my passions in terms of international relations and in global current events, as well as come to appreciate the diversity and international flavor of KU—meeting a lot international students and getting involved in a lot of international events here in Lawrence."

Katherine Wang interview

"Hi, my name is Katherine Wang and I am currently participating in the Career Advancement Program. Through it, it’s helped me to identify some of the skills that my past experiences have provided me with and also it has helped me recognize where I want to be in the future. And also, has opened my eyes to the resources and opportunities that I have here on campus."

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